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discuss with experts specializing in identifying and treating nerve pain

discover more about your pain (even if you thought you already knew)

receive professional advice on what you can do next (no commitments)

treatments WITHOUT surgery and WITHOUT reliance on prescription drugs

ask questions you wanted to ask but have felt too afraid or intimidated

get skilled, professional and experienced attention for you and your pain

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Full Examination

You May be Suffering From Nerve Pain…

It can be caused by inflammation, irritation or damage to the nerves.

That’s why a screening is recommended. To identify where the pain is coming from.

Often times people don’t even know they’ve got Nerve Pain when suffering from pain!

‘Pain is pain’ for most patients.

“The pain in my feet and legs was so bad I couldn’t even tie my shoes…”

‘Because of pain I hadn’t had a full night sleep in years!”

These are the type of comments we often hear from patients.

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